How is the new Freddy’s? I’ll bet that a lot of the old-school Freddy’s patrons say, “It’s just not the same…” …while brand-new patrons will say,”Hey, this is the coolest bar ever!” It’s a smaller, cozier room, so we had a much quieter set than usual, but no less rockin’! Check out YouTube for two song debuts–“Old Man Blues” and “Lost in Place.” Also, I battled through a big new batch of bronchitis! (Please email any and all medals for this). I’d like to thank Rich Hendricks and Rebecca Turner for sharing the bill with us; they’re the cat’s pajamas! I hope I’ll see you soon, so keep the bugs off your bumper and the bears off your tail!

Freddy’s, Brooklyn, NY, August 13, 2011

Bad Old World
Into The Sea
Absorbing Man
A Little Space
Old Man Blues
The Great Calamity
40 People
Lost in Place
Daylight Savings Time
She’s Shining
Keep Me Movin’

City of Women